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Be On Lookout For Tiny Seed Ticks Developing Into Adults

The smallest tick, which looks like a black dot, is a seed tick. Photo Credit: Flickr A new tick-related warning has emerged. Seed ticks, or teeny-tiny ticks (think poppy seeds) are still […]

Tick Information

TICKS- Nasty Vampires

Ticks…bloodsucking, disease-spreading parasites.  Unless you are looking for Lyme disease, there is no positive to having a tick on your person.   This spring has been a bona fide tick […]


Family warns about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever after 2-year-old girl’s death

Kenley Ratliff’s family hopes the death of their little girl will help warn other parents about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and how quickly the disease can harm a child if […]